Hello! I am Ali. I'm a bit of a unicorn in that I'm a developer and a designer.


I'm Ali, short for Alison. Currently living in South Manchester with my Yorkshireman husband and 2 boys. In my spare time (what is that) I like to sit and scroll through Instagram mindlessly to recover from long days building brio train tracks, making lego cars, and conquering piles of laundry.

Before my life was taken up keeping 2 small boys alive I used to like to travel and see the world, have friends round for gaming evenings, to go out to eat and drink things, and to get 8 hours sleep a night.

I'm currently working for a digital agency in Media City doing Wordpress development. I previously worked for service design agency Great Friday's where I was first exposed to design thinking and the idea of user journeys & personas, experience maps & blueprints, ideating & prototyping.